Clinton Camp Meeting  


Building Spiritual Warriors for God’s Army in the Earth

Heavens Best Weekly Services

Sunday 10 AM, Wednesday & Friday at 7:30PM

We teach you how to become a spiritual soldier and how to do supernatural warfare to defeat the works of the devil and how to have continued victory in your life and so you can help others do the same. You will begin to learn to heal your own family and family members in Jesus name.

The Training Includes Preaching and Teaching (some hands on) in the following areas (not all inclusive):

  • How to Recognize Spiritual Warfare
  • Exposing the Works of Satan.
  • How to War in the Supernatural Realm
  • Benefits of Intercessory Prayer as a Preparation to Warfare
  • How to Bind the Strong Man
  • How to Pull Down Strongholds.
  • How to Cast Out Devils.
  • How to Minister Healing & Deliverance.
  • How to Counsel the Hurting.
  • Evangelizing, Win Souls & Disciple Fruitfully.
  • How to Biblically Serve Your Local Leadership
  • Experience Greater Intimacy in the Holy of Holies
  • How to spiritual sweep your own home
  • Plus Much More!

Transform Your Life, Your Ministry and the Lives of Others!