Clinton Camp Meeting  

A Spiritual Hospital for Every Sickness

The Supernatural Medical Center at Heavens Best is truly God’s spiritual hospital for every sickness, disease, infirmity, or demonic attack. We emphasize only biblical God’s medicine based on spiritual principals from the Bible. The Holy Spirit has anointed Pastor Angelo O. Jones with a deep compassion for setting captives free from the power of the devil.  God has given Heavens Best solutions that works to heal and deliver the people and then to teach them how to raise in their own God-given power & authority to stay free and live victoriously.

It is one thing to be SET FREE
but is another to STAY FREE

If you need a fresh touch from God or if you are hurting or bound in any area of your life, or if you know someone who is… Heavens Best’s Supernatural Medical Center is here for you to set you free and teach and train you how to stay free from all bondages, issues and hindrances that hold you back from receiving everything that God has for you.

Thank God, this is not just a place for our local community but for everyone around the world!  He is sending people to Heavens Best from around the Globe including Africa, Jamaica, Germany, Europe, Asia and the United States and they are getting healed and delivered!

God’s power is greater than any other power and it is the ONLY power that can SET YOU FREE and KEEP YOU FREE, in Jesus name. “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed”  (John 8:36)