Clinton Camp Meeting  

About The Pastor

Pastor Angelo O. Jones was born in Washington, D.C. Raised in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina; he is the son of the late, Frank and Constance H. Jones of Roanoke Rapids.  His mother was a teacher’s aid for many years at Squire Elementary School in Gaston, while his father, also an educator, taught and coached.  His sister, Wanda, carried on the tradition and became a teacher in the Washington, D.C. school system.  His younger brother, Santora, stayed close to home and worked for their city’s Mental Health Department.

As a youngster, Angelo attended Sunday school and church at the First Baptist Church in Roanoke Rapids (Hodgestown), where he was baptized by the late pastor, Rev. R. H. Kidd.  He attended John Armstrong Chaloner High School (1960-1966), where his father taught science and math, and coached the Varsity Basketball Team. He also attended Roanoke Rapids High School (1966-1969).    After relocating with his family to Washington, D.C., he graduated from McKinley Tech High  School.

Years later, while employed with the District of Columbia Office on Aging, he began pursuing a degree in Religious Studies from Howard University’s Washington Saturday College.  In 1998, while attending class at the School of Divinity, he met the beautiful Ms. Sandra Comer, who was also attending classes.   One day she shared with him that she had a physical ailment that the doctors had not been able to diagnose or cure.  Anointed with the gift of healing, he sought the Lord about her ailment and whether he should lay hands on her and pray.  He also asked, “God, is she my wife?”  And the Holy Spirit confirmed it.

Days later, they met for prayer at a time God had appointed.  He laid his Holy Ghost filled hands on her and she was healed instantly by the power of God flowing through him.  They both knew God had ordained their meeting and that theirs truly was a match made in heaven.

Pastor Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Washington Saturday college at Howard University and soon after, in 1999, he married his anointed helpmate, Sandra.  They have four beautiful children born to this union, as well as five older children.  Working tirelessly and sacrificially to fulfill God's vision for Heavens Best, God has honored their loyalty and their labor.

In 1996, Angelo O. Jones was brought to his knees in prayer over his younger brother, Santora, who was diagnosed with the end stage of cancer and given only days to live. As his brother lay dying in the hospital bed at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC, the Holy Spirit led Angelo to open the Bible and place his business card inside. Seeing the spirit of death on Santora, he rushed into the hall and cried out to God.  He returned to his brother's room and remained there for three straight days and nights, praying for a miracle. During the three days Pastor Jones saw five angels in Santora’s room.  Two angels were standing at attention at Santora’s door and two angels were hovering over the bed.  God told Angelo that the two angels at the door were there to keep the death angel away.   The fifth angel walked into Santora’s room and placed his mouth over Santora’s mouth.

As he prayed, God spoke to him and told him to open the bible and read the scripture where the card was positioned.  The scripture was Matthew 10:1.

“And when he had called unto him, His twelve disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits; to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.”

Angelo read the scripture out loud. Being led by the Holy Spirit, he began to operate in the supernatural for the first time. When he was finished, the Lord blessed him with the miracle he prayed for. Angelo's brother did not die, but recovered and was released from the hospital. It was at that moment the Lord birthed the vision of Heavens Best into his heart – to preach the gospel to the nations and to demonstrate that the Power of God is alive today, as it was in the days of Jesus. This calling included establishing a boot camp to train up every willing vessel to preach the message of the Lord Jesus Christ; to lay hands on the sick; to cast out devils; and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease